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Creative 3D Web Developer, Communicator & Educator

Lecturer in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to Change the World

Marketing, Startup & Business background

Using Technology and Storytelling to Dismantle Oppressive Power Structures

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People are wonderful.

“Communication was easy and she was a pleasure to work with. We were particularly impressed by Maddy’s ability to transform loose specifications into production ready features.”

Digital marketing coach Wellington

Josh Gunn, Tech Lead - Swayable

“Maddy was the bridge between us and the developers - us and a world we did not understand. Working with her has been a dream. She exceeded my expectations, which was delightful, because many had underdelivered before. Her work ethic was unquestionable and I always felt like she went above and beyond for us. She is straight up, efficient and conscientious, and best of all she’s a problem solver not a problem moaner. I’d recommend Maddy to anyone who needs a project manager, an all-rounder, a brainstormer, a development advisor, a developer, an everything-er.”

Small business support Wellington

Damaris Coulter, CEO - The Realness

“The Digital Marketing course that Maddy delivers is an excellent way to develop and implement a Social Media Marketing strategy. It was a great balance between instructional content and making you think outside of the box! Easy to follow, knowledgeable and challenged the thinking of the attendees.”

Business advice Wellington

Rohan Jarvis, Director - LALATAT

AR Playground

Open on mobile. A web AR experience I built in A-Frame, using plane detection and shadow simulation. Making AR available on the web, so users don’t have to download an app.

XR Ecosystem Map

A 3D system I built to show AR, VR and XR creators in New Zealand. Made in 3D-forcegraph, built on THREE.js in React.

Free Google Analytics Tool

A simple React app I built to boost your search performance.

Learn more about your customers

See which parts of your product they’re drawn to

Learn tricks to optimise your website for more views and sales

Make your digital business more successful

“Maddy helped us by identifying problems that we couldn’t quite put our finger on, or know how to articulate - and then working to solve those problems. Since Maddy came on board I feel confident in and proud of my platform.”

-Damaris Coulter, CEO The Realness


40 Finished projects
234340 Lines of code
1302 Cups of tea
16 Happy clients

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